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4 - Networks
4.4 - Ethernet - Serial Over IP - Device Server - Modbus
4.4.3 - Serial Over IP RS232/485 4..16 Ports


Short Description: IP server 8*RS232 1U 19"
Detailed Description:
  • IP serial 8 port device over Ethernet communication server
  • 32bit 100MHz MIPS CPU with 8MB flash ROM and 16MB SDRAM
  • LAN 10/100Mbps 100BaseT
  • serial device 8*RS232 RJ45 up to 115,2kBd
  • different connector cables RJ45 to DB connector available
  • serial console port RS232 connector RJ45 up to 115200bps
  • Linux based OS
  • TCP/IP or UDP/IP connection
  • SCO UNIX real TTY driver
  • WIN NT/2000/XP virtual COM driver
  • HP/UX AIX Linux raw TTY driver
  • 1U 19"rack mountable
  • 230VAC
  • Rayon
Price: call for price
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HighRes Picture: HighRes Picture, 51 KB
Manual: Manual, 1.132 KB GPORT104_108_116manual_v105.pdf (Manual, 1.132 KB)
GPort501  -  Console RJ45 to DB9 female connector cable
GPort502  -  Data RJ45 to DB25 male connector cable
GPort503  -  Data RJ45 to DB9 male connector cable
GPort116  -  IP server 16*RS232 1U 19"
GPort503-RJ45-DB9-adapter  -  Data RJ45 CAT5 to DB9 male adapter
WinXP: (WinXP, 915 KB)
Gportiop.sys (Download, 38 KB)
gport108_051202.hg (Download, 2.941 KB)
wtftp8.exe (Download, 40 KB)
how to update gport firmware.txt (Download, 2 KB)
Win2000: (Win2000, 915 KB)
WinNT: (WinNT, 915 KB)
Linux/SCO: (Linux/SCO, 20 KB)
Linux 2.6: (Linux 2.6, 706 KB)
Firmware: (Firmware, 2.957 KB)
gport108_051202.hg (Firmware, 2.941 KB)
Gportiop.sys (Firmware, 38 KB)
GPORTIOP.NT (Firmware, 63 KB)
Manufacturer: Rayon
Country of Origin: Taiwan R.O.C.
EU customs code: 8517 6200 900

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