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PCIS-DASK/X Adlink incl.

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3 - PC Add On Cards
3.4 - Panels, Driver, Accessories For PC-Add-On-Cards
3.4.7 - Driver, Software, Programming Service - Driver, Software, Programming Service For ADLink Cards


Short Description: Linux driver for ADLink PCI Cards
Detailed Description:
  • Linux driver for ADLink PCI cards cards
    please check this forum although: [1]
Price: incl.
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HighRes Picture: HighRes Picture, 2 KB
Catalog Pages: Catalog Pages, 122 KB Catalog Pages, 75 KB Catalog Pages, 111 KB Catalog Pages, 161 KB Catalog Pages, 138 KB Catalog Pages, 137 KB Catalog Pages, 165 KB Catalog Pages, 170 KB
Data Sheet: Data Sheet, 57 KB
Manual: Manual, 294 KB PSDASK Manual.PDF (Manual, 294 KB)
Manual, 437 KB PSDASK Ref.PDF (Manual, 437 KB)
Manual, 838 KB install.pdf (Manual, 838 KB)
Linux.zip (Download, 6.550 KB)
pci-dask_321.2.4.2.tgz (Download, 1.684 KB)
pci-dask_321.2.4.4.tgz (Download, 1.641 KB)
pci-dask_321.2.4.6.tgz (Download, 1.641 KB)
pci-dask_322.2.2.18.tgz (Download, 1.463 KB)
pci-dask_322.2.4.2.tgz (Download, 1.450 KB)
pci-dask_322.2.4.4.tgz (Download, 1.403 KB)
pci-dask_322.2.4.6.tgz (Download, 1.524 KB)
pci-dask_322.2.4.9.tgz (Download, 1.412 KB)
Manufacturer: Adlink
Country of Origin: Taiwan R.O.C.

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PCIS-DASK/XLinux driver for ADLink PCI Cardsincl.