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UP3024I Rayon 0,00

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Short Description: UPCI isolated 24*RS232/422/485 intelligent solution
Detailed Description:
  • UPCI 3,3V mixed settable ground isolated 24*RS232/RS422/RS485 intelligent serial solution
  • 2*4kByte memory map or 256Byte and 64Byte I/O assigned by PCI BIOS
  • 3,3V and 5V 33MHz PCI slot
  • max 2 cards/system
  • DB9 male connector
  • comes with A640 cable 0,7m
  • supports DOS/Win95/98/NT/2K/XP/Win7/Linux/SCO
  • Rayon
Data Sheet: Data Sheet, 199 KB
Manual: Manual, 237 KB IOP3927-004.pdf (Manual, 237 KB)
Manual, 547 KB PCIEXP007.pdf (Manual, 547 KB)
Manual, 145 KB Rayon Multiport Solution.pdf (Manual, 145 KB)
Manual, 65 KB Comparison chart for IOP3927 and DigiBoard AccelePort Xem.pdf (Manual, 65 KB)
Manual, 67 KB Comparison chart for IOP3927 and Stallion ECRA.pdf (Manual, 67 KB)
Manual, 66 KB Comparison chart for IOP3927 card and C320turbo.pdf (Manual, 66 KB)
Manual, 17 KB FAQs 04-02-29.pdf (Manual, 17 KB)
IF108  -  8 port isolated RS232 DB9m connector box
IF208  -  8 port isolated RS422/485 DB9m connector box
IF308  -  8 port isolated RS232/422/485 DB9m connector box
LP640NU  -  UPCI low profile 8..64port 3,3/5V CPU Card
P640NU.zip (WinXP, 4.814 KB)
NWIN411.EXE (WinXP, 510 KB)
NWIN408.EXE (WinXP, 456 KB)
LabView W95:
P640NU.zip (LabView W95, 4.814 KB)
NWIN411.EXE (LabView W95, 510 KB)
NWIN408.EXE (LabView W95, 456 KB)
P640NU.zip (Win2000, 4.814 KB)
NWIN411.EXE (Win2000, 510 KB)
NWIN408.EXE (Win2000, 456 KB)
P640NU.zip (WinNT, 4.814 KB)
NWIN411.EXE (WinNT, 510 KB)
NWIN408.EXE (WinNT, 456 KB)
P640NU.zip (Win95/98, 4.814 KB)
NWIN411.EXE (Win95/98, 510 KB)
NWIN408.EXE (Win95/98, 456 KB)
alnx410.Z (Linux/SCO, 621 KB)
nsco223i.Z (Linux/SCO, 161 KB)
Linux 2.6:
alnx815.Z (Linux 2.6, 657 KB)
debian.pdf (Linux 2.6, 38 KB)
alnx711.Z (Linux 2.6, 708 KB)
alnx617.Z (Linux 2.6, 678 KB)
Manufacturer: Rayon
Country of Origin: Taiwan R.O.C.
EU customs code: 8473 3020 000
wiki.acceed: Expandable Serial Cards

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UP3024IUPCI isolated 24*RS232/422/485 intelligent solution