Adlink USB-2405: Starter kit for preventive condition monitoring

Don’t wait until the damages have occurred: that is the objective of anticipatory servicing, also known as preventive condition monitoring. Cracks and breaks come as a result of changed oscillation frequencies, in particular on motor bearings. You simply need to recognise them early in order to anticipate sudden failure and standstills. Sound emission testing based on high-speed data recording serves to recognise damages to roller bearings early and a cost-efficient starter kit is available for this purpose from Acceed.

The starter kit for preventive machine monitoring from the manufacturer Adlink consists of an acceleration sensor with a retention magnet and 3 m connection cable, the data recording module USB-2405 (24 bit, 4 channels) as well as the graphic evaluation software Phoenix GM Lite. The kit is ready for operation and only requires a laptop for the software and the USB cable for data and power connection for mobile field application.

The oscillation recording process for preventive condition monitoring the status for rotating elements and bearings is particularly efficient. The software analyses the data recorded from rotating components, monitors the machine status based on the oscillation bandwidth and can emit alarms in accordance with the configuration used, in as far as defined thresholds are exceeded. The alarm thresholds can be set freely or in accordance with standards using ISO 10816 (Evaluation of the Oscillation of Machines). Software configuration is fast and simple using graphic analysis blocks which are compiled for the desired function. This also enables more complex multi-task analyses without specific programming knowledge.

The DSA module USB-2405 is fast and intuitively operable. Thanks to USB laptop connection, the power supply is also secured. The four-channel module is suitable for the digitalisation of oscillations from vibration or acoustic measurements with the connection of microphones or acceleration sensors. Its further features include the integrated 2 mA excitation current source without additional signal influence for each channel as well as anti-aliasing filters for the automatic adaptation of the cut-off frequencies to the sampling rate. One sensor is already included in the starter kit, three further sensors can be connected in parallel to the four-channel device.

Conclusion: due to simple software handling for the analysis of acoustic emissions, the starter kit which can be used immediately and mobile can, for example, help to identify the formation of cracks as a result of material fatigue and therefore also enable early predictions of roller bearing damages.

USB-2405 MCM Starter Kit - Rotary Machine Condition Monitoring Starter Kit

USB-2405 - USB Bus Powered 24bit 4*Chan Simult. 128kS/s 4DI Module