Aport-214PG: IIoT platform with real time OS

The new programmable device server Aport-214PG from Acceed is well-equipped for the specific communication tasks within current and future device networks. The energy-saving ARM Cortex M4 processor is the motor of the Ethernet serial converter. Its special feature is the integrated operating system FreeRTOS (Real Time Operating System), which supports 35 MCU architectures and various compilation environments.

Current developments under the keywords M2M, ZigBee or Industry 4.0 focus on network communication between devices. The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) incorporates a whole host of specialised end devices such as sensors, actors and controllers which are used equally in building management as in machine controllers, industrial plants, spacious living environments and logistics areas. End devices for recording environmental data and for air and light controls, thermostats, motion detectors, security sensors, switches, locks, pumps, meters and a lot more form a network within which the individual components should intercommunicate trouble-free and safely feed your data into the network. The first step is concentration (collection), initial preparation and the transfer of serial data from the individual sensors via the Ethernet. Serial Ethernet converters such as the new Aport-214PG act as device servers and data acquisition data interfaces here.

The Aport-214PG has a Cortex-M4 processor (32-bit Atmel SAM4E16E) with 120 MHz and is equipped with 256 KB SRAM, 3 MB flash, an 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface as well as two RS-485 connections. The further equipment includes 4 opto-isolated digital outputs, 2 relay inputs and 1 MicroSD slot.

The new converter supports lightweight IP (lwIP) and the flexible and comfortable programming with the BSD Socket Library. A compact Web server for the customer’s own Web-based applications is integrated. Sample programs for data communication, Web configuration and EEPROM routines are incorporated in the development kit, making starting-up easier. A special Windows Management utility for the functional overview, the configuration of the Aport-214PG and the transfer of firmware developed by the customer are also included in the scope of delivery.

Its development options alongside the energy-saving and low-service hardware make the Aport-214PG an ideal platform for the applications in the IIoT and in general for the communication of serial data in TCP/IP networks.

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