Conflict-free video monitoring with intelligent switches

IP-based monitoring systems are used primarily for traffic systems and building security. The most important major components are IP cameras, switches, servers and monitors. Complex systems can consist of several hundred IP cameras. In order for the network to function in a stable manner and efficiently, faultless internal communication must be given. Here, the core of a monitoring network is the switches. They act as distributors and transmit the video and audio signals as well as the meta data in a targeted manner.

The transmission of video, sound and meta data should take place reliably and without delay. These requirements are tough and can definitely cause problems in practice. For example, congestion of the data lines and nodes can result in juddered images and image failure coming from congestion of the data lines and nodes. When building-up a new monitoring system or re-equipping an existing system from analogue to digital, many factors must be observed in order to guarantee conflict-free functioning.

Managing the bandwidth intelligently

The number of high-resolution IP cameras on the market is constantly on the increase. The advantage of these IP cameras is naturally their good image quality. At the same time, however, their disadvantage is their high bandwidth requirements. Powerful GigE switches such as the IGPS-9084GP from ORing with IP-based bandwidth management are suitable for the required targeted bandwidth administration. Support using jumbo frames enables better network performance for the integration of high-resolution IP cameras. IP-based bandwidth management provides a further opportunity to use the bandwidth optimally. The new ORing 7000 and 9000 series provide functions for individual bandwidth allocation for each IP camera connected. Users can configure the network task-related and allocate individual cameras targetedly to a higher bandwidth whilst the bandwidth is limited for other devices.

Industrial network switches IGPS-7084GP and RGPS-7244GP-P from ORingIndustrial network switches IGPS-7084GP and RGPS-7244GP-P from ORing

Data protection and security

IP cameras transmit video signals via the Internet or a local network. This type of transmission is vulnerable to hackers. The loss of important video data could be the consequence of a security attack. This can be hindered by linking the IP camera's IP/MAC address with the switch. If the IP camera's IP/MAC address does not provide any corresponding information, the IP camera is blocked. The so-called DoS or DDoS attacks denote a different type of attack. In such cases, a malicious attack on network components results in congestion and therefore to non-availability of the network. In order to provide protection against such attacks, all new ORing 7000 and 9000 series switches are equipped with an extended function to prevent DoS/DDoS. Should there be a fast data flow within a very short period of time, the link to the IP address is blocked in order to protect the network against attacks. As this is a hardware-based preventive measure, it is possible to hinder large-scale DDoS attacks without influencing the CPU load.

IGS-7084GCP and RGS-7168GCP from ORingIGS-7084GCP and RGS-7168GCP from ORing

Network stability

The transmission quality of IP cameras is influenced by the quality of the network. Therefore, the stability of the network plays a central role for IP-based monitoring systems. In order to provide the required performance under harsh industrial conditions too, the Ethernet switches must be equipped with the corresponding features. The ORing switches, for example, are approved for extended temperature ranges from –40 to +70 °C, offer redundant voltage and vibration protection. For a network which is based on ring topology, the PoE switch IPS-2042FX and the Ethernet switch RES-3242GC from ORing offer a technology for fast network recovery in case of failure with the open ring. Moreover, compatibility with other manufacturers' ring topologies is given.

Switch with PoE: IPS-2042FX and RES-3242GC from ORingSwitch with PoE: IPS-2042FX and RES-3242GC from ORing

Network management

The administration of components plays an important role for a large number of components in establishing a monitoring network and for its later servicing. ORing offers high-performance management software for this purpose. Using "Open Vision", the installers can identify, configure and monitor the network components. Additionally, the software can also discover unusual events and portray them graphically. One of the highlights is the link to Google Maps for the projection of network topology and device locations on current maps and city maps - ideal for traffic monitoring tasks.

Open Vision software from ORingOpen Vision software from ORing

ORing's products are "specialists" in their specific field and offer an alternative to standardised complete systems worthy of consideration if the client has to do with individual planning and the intelligent use of network components in CCTV applications.