Digital I/O card with 32 channel data recording

The new PCIe 7360 digital I/O card is a high-speed board with 32 bidirectional I/O channels and a data rate of up to 400 MB/s. With its cycle rate of up to 100 MHz (internal) or 200 MHz (external), this card is ideal as an interface for recording large data quantities with a high processing speed. Its typical areas of application include industrial image processing, test applications or production monitoring.

The 32 I/O channels incorporated on the new PCIe format card work bidirectionally and can be subdivided to four groups each with eight channels and be individually configured as inputs or outputs. The logical level can be set to 1.8 V, 2.5 V or 3.3 V via the software. With this, the card is highly suitable for use in test environments.

At a bandwidth of 32 bits, the card supports up to 400 MB/s data transfer at an internal cycle rate of up to 100 MHz. Alternatively, 8 or 16 bit bandwidth is possible with an external cycle rate of up to 200 MHz. Various buffer technologies hinder data loss when processing large data quantities at high speeds. The timing of data recording can be optimised using configurable phase shifting. The I/O function can be configured as an I²C or SPI master node. Peripheral devices can therefore communicate directly via the corresponding protocols and APIs provided by the PCIe 7360.