Nuvo-3000LP: Extra flat Box PCs for space-critical applications

The professional Box PCs Nuvo-3005LP and Nuvo-3003LP are low-profile versions of the proven Nuvo-3000 IPC series from Acceed. These controllers’ extra flat chassis was constructed specially for use in tight installation surroundings. Despite their low height of a mere 69 mm, these fanless industrial PCs can be used at ambient temperatures of -25 to +70°C.

Cable ducts, junction boxes, control panels or machine frames: the installation location for embedded controllers or industry PCs is often extremely tight. The perfect solution for such installation conditions is Box computers with an optimised casing design which makes it possible to install at tight locations whilst not influencing the computer’s output at the same time. The Nuvo-3000 series LP models are devices of this nature.


The 3rd generation Intel i7 quad core processor ensures the expected performance. The very flat chassis with only 240 x 225 x 69mm has an internal 2.5” HDD and a hot swap tray for a further 2.5” HDD for fast data exchange of data to be saved, for example in monitoring systems, testing stations or factory automation applications. The casing is fanless and with it robust, energy-saving and low-service at the same time. When in operation, an extended ambient temperature range from -25 to +70°C is nonetheless permissible.


Up to 5 GigE interfaces support 9.5 kB jumbo frames. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is optionally available as are insulated digital IO interfaces with COS interrupt support. Several USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, 3 independent display outputs (DVI/HDMI and DB-15 analogue) and the ignition circuit control in vehicles open a wide spectrum of applications and options for use. Two PCI-Express sockets are provided for hardware expansions. External audio, keyboard and mouse connections are designed as standard interfaces.