Matrix-513: industry box PC with LAN, WLAN and 3G

The Matrix-513 from Artila is now also available from Acceed in Germany and Europe. In addition to two Ethernet connections, the industrial mini PC provides various wireless communication options via WLAN, Bluetooth and 3G. The standard equipment includes the reliable operating system Linux 2.6.38 and a software utilities bundle such as Web server, PHP server, Python, Java, MySQL and SQLite.

The industrial box PC Matrix-513 is ideally suitable for the remote management of devices and modules in building technology and factory automation. Low energy consumption and diverse communication options (LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth and G3) provide the best possible flexibility for use. With its two mini PCIe slots, the device can be equipped with the desired communication interfaces - in addition to the two independent permanently installed 10/100 Mbit LAN connections. On top of the four RS-232/422/485 serial interfaces, the Matrix-513 has two insulated inputs and a relay output which, for example, can be used for monitoring tasks and alarm signals.

artila-matrix-513-cropped.jpgArtila Matrix-513

The operating system Linux (kernel 2.6.38) is pre-installed with the file system. A large number of tools and utilities (including the tool chain GCC C/C++) is also already pre-installed or easy to access on the software CD or as a free download from the website.

artila-matrix-513-connections.jpgArtila Matrix-513

The core of the hardware is the Atmel AT91SAM9G45 ARM9400 MHz processor with MMU. 128MB DDR-2 memory is available as RAM, augmented with 256MB NAND flash memory. The 2MB data flash memory serves as a backup file system for fast, easy system updates and problem-free system recovery. A mini SD slot supports SD cards up to 32GB.

The robust casing with its dimensions of 175 × 43 × 103 mm is manufactured exclusively using metal and has two side-positioned assembly eyelets. Its supply voltage can be within the range of 9 to 48 VDC, the power consumption of the Matrix-513 with only 50mA (12V) is very low. The admissible ambient temperature for operation is defined with 0 to 70 °C.