Nuvo-3616: Mobile Box PC with 16 PoE ports

The new fanless and highly compact Box PC Nuvo-3616 from Acceed is equally suited for mobile applications and fixed industrial installations. It is distinguished by its 16 Ethernet PoE ports with a total of 160W output. Its further performance features include an optional third generation i5 or i7 quad core processor from Intel, up to four 2.5” SAT HDDs with RAID support in patented easy swap trays for fast changing and the robust fanless casing designed for industrial application. The preferred areas of use where the Nuvo-3616 can demonstrate its performance include video monitoring, machine vision, video streaming and factory automation applications.

Thanks to highly developed heat management, its robust industrial casing is approved for constant operation at ambient temperatures from -25 to 60°C.


Its 16 PoE ports and its high memory capacity, which can be extended to up to four 2.5” SATA HDDs with a total of 8 TB, enable the Nuvo-3616, for example, to assume all the tasks of a long-term digital recorder in video installations with up to 16 cameras. A maximum of 25.5W output is available from each PoE port, with which high-performance motor-driven cameras can also be operated safely. Thanks to this, time and cost-intense separate wiring a power supply for cameras or other end devices is no longer required – an installation advantage which should not be underestimated.


Two of the up to four HDDs can be changed effortlessly within seconds thanks to the patented easy swap tray. SSD use is also supported. The RAID system enables fast data transfer with up to 1 GB/s per disk.


With 8 to 35V DC, a wide voltage range is provided for, also enabling mobile use in vehicles. If required, ignition control automatically starts the PC as soon as there is on-board voltage. Here, an activation delay can be configured individually if required. The PoE voltage can be switched individually for each Ethernet port.