MAQ20: New data acquisition system from Dataforth

MAQ20 is the new data acquisition system from the US manufacturer Dataforth. The system distinguishes itself with its modular structure for space-saving and fast top-hat rail assembly as well as top cost efficiency per channel. All the system components and the software packages for analysis and graphic depiction of the measurement data are available from the German distributor Acceed.

MAQ20 is the latest development by the renowned US manufacturer Dataforth for industrial data acquisition, measurement analysis and signal processing.  The system consists of a communication module as a controller unit, the backplane for wiring and up to 24 individual I/O modules with an overall capacity of 384 channels. Two special software packages from the manufacturer support the configuration and controlling, provide configurable graphic interfaces, various protocol options, scripting and further tools facilitating the use of the system. LabView drivers are also available.

The central communication module controls all the system properties and settings, secures the power supply for the modules via the backplane and serves to forward data via the Ethernet, USB and RS-232/RS-485 interfaces.

A large number of modules are available for structuring application-specific systems. These include input modules for analogue signals, voltage and electricity signals, frequency signals, thermal elements, potentiometers, resistance thermometers, load measurement and further applications. Output modules can be used for switching and controlling tasks. Combined I/O modules with discrete input and output channels round the range off and can be used for special tasks and, for example, for alarm functions.

The new MAQ20 system can be used ideally for the flexible application of several channels, in particular in measurement and test environments in process and factory automation, plant control and production monitoring. With their compact construction, the robust devices are perfectly designed for top-hat rails in 19” racks. The permissible temperature range from -45 to +85°C meets demanding industrial requirements. Alternatively, the system can be remote controlled via a host PC or work independently as a standalone system as a data logger.

Dataforth MAQ-20 systemDataforth MAQ-20 system

Dataforth has more than 30 years’ experience in development in the area of industrial testing, measurement and control technology. All the MAQ20 system’s devices are CE and UL / CUL-certified, the process for ATEX approval has been initiated. Comprehensive information on the specification, programming examples, manuals and detailed datasheets can be provided by the distributor, Acceed, or also directly via Dataforth’s website .

MAQ20 from Acceed

MAQ20-COM2 - Communication Ethernet USB RS232 Module

MAQ20-COM4 - Communication Ethernet USB RS485 Module

MAQ20-PWR3 - Power Supply Module 3A

MAQ20-BKPL4 - DIN Rail backbone, 1*COM plus 4 I/O modules

MAQ20-BKPL8 - DIN Rail backbone, 1*COM plus 8 I/O modules

MAQ20-BKPL16 - DIN Rail backbone, 1*COM plus 16 I/O modules

MAQ20-BKPL24 - DIN Rail backbone, 1*COM plus 24 I/O modules

MAQ20-XCA01 - MAQ20 backbone expansion cable 1m

MAQ20-XCA02 - MAQ20 backbone expansion cable 2m

MAQ20-MVDN - DIN Rail 8 chan mV AD diff MAQ20 module

MAQ20-VSN - DIN Rail 16 chan V AD SE MAQ20 module

MAQ20-VDN - DIN Rail 8 chan V AD diff MAQ20 module

MAQ20-ISN - DIN Rail 16 chan mA SE MAQ20 module

MAQ20-IDN - DIN Rail 8 chan mA diff MAQ20 module

MAQ20-JTC - DIN Rail 8 chan thermocouple typ J MAQ20 module

MAQ20-KTC - DIN Rail 8 chan thermocouple typ K MAQ20 module

MAQ20-TTC - DIN Rail 8 chan thermocouple typ T MAQ20 module

MAQ20-RSTC - DIN Rail 8 chan thermocouple typ R and S MAQ20 module

MAQ20-RTD31 - DIN Rail 6 chan 3 wire RTD/Potentiometer/Pt/Ni MAQ20 module

MAQ20-RTD41 - DIN Rail 5 chan 4 wire RTD/Potentiometer/Pt/Ni MAQ20 module

MAQ20-BRDG1 - DIN Rail 4 chan Bridge/Strain Gage MAQ20 module

MAQ20-FREQ - DIN Rail 8 chan 50mV 0,5Hz..1Mhz Frequency MAQ20 module

MAQ20-VO - DIN Rail 8 chan Voltage out MAQ20 module

MAQ20-IO - DIN Rail 8 chan Courrent out MAQ20 module

MAQ20-DIOL - DIN Rail 5/5 chan digital IO MAQ20 module

MAQ20-DIOH - DIN Rail 4/4 chan digital IO out AC load MAQ20 module