New PXI relay cards

Acceed extends its PXI portfolio with new relay cards from Adlink. The new PXI cards offer programmable switch functions for the structure of complex measurement and control systems.

The PXI-79xx series cards have 16, 24 or 32 relays. Each relay can be loaded up to 3 amperes. Their switching behaviour is software-controlled. The connection for all PXI cards is a 62-pin sub-D socket. The cards correspond to the Europe card shape factor of 160 × 100 mm and can also be used in compact PCI systems.

The relay card PXI-7901 has 16 independent relays and can be used as a signal switch or a router for measurement devices. The Multiplexer PXI-7921 provides a total of 24 relays. It enables the control of a measurement instrument with a large number of measurement points. The flagship of the series is the Relay Matrix PXI-7931 with 32 relays. The relays can be combined in five variants. This means, for example that the relay matrix can control and steer actors in the manufacturing process or read out sensors.

All the cards support data synchronisation with external digital multimeters via handshake signals. The integrated watchdog timer brings the relays to their safe base position in case of the software working in an uncontrolled manner.