Nuvo-4000: Industry PC power for high data throughput

Despite its compact construction, the Nuvo-4000 is an exceptionally reliable, highly efficient and above all flexible controller for factory automation, in-line production control or demanding tasks in machine vision applications and further data processing systems. The power package’s engine is optionally an Intel-CPU i7-3610QE or the smaller i5-3610ME variant. The high-quality construction of the fanless casing enables 24-hour operation at an ambient temperature range from -25°C to +60°C and 10 to 90% relative humidity.

With a mere 164 x 225 x 180mm, the Nuvo-4000 is currently probably the most compact fanless industry PC with four extension slots. The four PCIe / PCI slots can be individually populated, adapted to the task on hand. The two PCIe slots provide a total of 6 GB/s bandwidth for applications with high-speed data transfer. An output of 48W is available for the x16 PCIe slot, for example for the application of a high-performance PCI-e frame grabber which processes camera images. As an alternative, the Nuvo-4000 can be equipped with four PCI cards in order to function as a controller for general testing and measurement tasks in industrial automation.

Further equipping includes I/O interfaces for communication or controlling tasks as well as three full HD graphics outputs which are operated independently of each other. Four USB 3.0 and two gigabit Ethernet interfaces are provided for data transfer. Two internal SATA slots for 2.5” HDD or SSD make it possible to save large data quantities directly on the device.


A second optional fan can be installed, which can be activated automatically by the integrated controller, if required, in order to retain a stable system temperature even in case of exceptional burdens due to changing ambient influences.


With its intelligent architecture, its high flexibility with four individually equippable PCIe / PCI slots, the large number of interfaces as well as its graphics capabilities, the Nuvo-4000 is a universal power package for applications in machine vision, automation, monitoring and in-line applications for industrial production.