Nuvo-6108GC: GPU power for intelligent industry applications

The technology of complex calculations is currently undergoing a development away from pure CPU systems and towards specialised operations on the CPU and the graphics processor. As opposed to the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialised and optimised processor core for calculating graphics. The CUDA programming technique developed by Nvidia, which enables working off parts of programs via the graphics processor (GPU), results in significantly increased performance for program sequences which can be parallelized to a high degree. The industrial graphics computer Nuvo-6108GC, now available from the German distributor Acceed, is the ideal platform for GPU-accelerated simulation, virtual reality and machine vision applications as well as several further CUDA-based calculations.

CUDA is an architecture developed by Nvidia for parallel calculations, which can considerably improve the system’s calculation performance by using the graphic processor’s performance. The parallelizable tasks not only include graphics calculations, but also weather calculations, finite elements or matrix operations. At the same time, the CPU is relieved and is available for other tasks. Industrial applications profit in the machine vision, intelligent video monitoring, process analysis, data visualisation and simulation areas.

The new Nuvo-6108GC series industry PCs support graphics controllers from Nvidia up to 250 W TDP. Here, the patented thermo design with its generously dimensioned fresh air intake via the controlled ventilator ensures effective dissipation of the heat generated by the GPU, enabling reliable operation with 100% load at ambient temperatures of up to 60°C. Alternatively, the integrated graphics unit Intel HD Graphics 530 is provided. The shock absorption, which is also patented, ensures operation up to 1 Grms, 5-500 Hz, 3 axles (with GPU, fan and HDD) in accordance with IEC60068-2-64.

The Nuvo-6108GC works optionally with type Xeon E3 V5 processors from Intel or various 6th generation Intel-i7/i5-Prozessoren as well as type DDR4 32GB storage. Numerous interfaces and I/O functions (2 x GbE, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 serial RS 232/422/485 interfaces) enable the connection and flexible controlling of external devices. Functional extensions are comfortably made using the PCIe slots (x16, x8) and a mini PCIe slot can also be provided. An M.2 socket (formerly NGFF) is available for optional (3G/4G) mobile communication.

The 4 internal SATA connections for SSD or HDD 2.5” hard drives support RAID 0/1/5/10. Two graphics outputs with DVI connections offer respectively 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution, one DVI-I connection is provided for analogue and DVI connections.

With its GPU-supported performance optimisation and reliability and robustness at high ambient temperatures in accordance with industrial requirements, the Nuvo-6108GC provides the ideal platform for the growing market of GPU-based industrial applications. For detailed information about configuration variants for the new industry PC and further industrial Box PCs and professional signal processing and communication technology components, please refer to the website


Nuvo-6108GC - Core Xeon i5/i7 C236 GPU System 1*PCIe*16 2*PCIe*8

Nuvo-6108GC-IGN - Core Xeon i5/i7 C236 GPU System 1*PCIe*16 2*PCIe*8