Nuvo-7000: Box PC with Coffee Lake core, 6 x GbE and MezIO

The Nuvo-7000 series of industrial Box PCs now also available in Europe stands for a new generation of high-performance one-for-all platforms. Based on various 8th generation Intel processors (Coffee Lake), the Nuvo-7000 series embedded controllers convince primarily with the variety of their interfaces, including up to 6 with gigabit Ethernet with PoE, 4 USB 3.1 Gen 2, 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1, MezIO interface, PCI/PCIe cassette and mini PCIe. The area of use is attuned to industrial requirements, also via the admissible operation in the extended temperature range from -25 to +70 °C at full CPU load.

The controllers from the new Nuvo-7000 series are power packages and, with their individual selection of performance features (CPU, interfaces, patented expansion cassette, Mezzanine board configured specifically for the end-customer), their versatility can hardly be surpassed. As a basis, various Intel-processors (35/65W TDP) i7, i5, i3, Pentium or Celeron can be selected. The working memory can be extended up to 32 GB (DDR4 SDRAM), 2 internal SATA ports (2.5“ SSD/HDD) with RAID support are available for hard drives, moreover an M.2 slot for NVMe-SSD or Intel Optane memory.

The design of the fanless full metal housing consisting of a resistant aluminium alloy is designed to meet the high requirements in production, automation and intelligent building technology. In addition to stationary applications, operation in vehicles is supported functionally, e.g. with switch options via the ignition.

Up to 6 gigabit Ethernet interfaces ensure sufficient bandwidth for data exchange as required for machine vision applications, for example. Respectively 4 USB- 3.1 Gen 2 connections (10 Gbps) and 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) as well as several serial interfaces are available for fast data communication with peripheral devices.

End-customer specific I/O functions can be implemented as good value extensions with optional Mezzanine cards (MezIO modules with serial interfaces, digital I/O interfaces, LVDS output, CAB bus, DTIO or memory extension).

The patented expansion cassette, which can optionally be equipped with PCI or PCIe cards or is used as a pre-configured compact module with a heat spreader, PoE, USB 3.0 and an independent graphics card, offers additional expansion options. All Nuvo-7000 models can also be equipped with mini PCIe cards with an SIM card slot which can be accessed internally or externally. Acceed offers full ready assembly as a special service in accordance with customer wishes, also in high quantities of up to several hundred systems per week.

In addition to the common DVI-D and VGA graphics outputs, a universal port exists, supporting 4K2K resolutions up to 4096 × 2304 pixels.

Power and robustness (in particular the immunity against ESD and voltage peaks emphasized by the manufacturer) and the exceptional functional versatility make the new Nuvo-7000 series Box PCs the top choice platform for demanding applications, for example in the areas of automation, manufacturing, processing centres, bottling plants, packaging, production control, logistics, image processing, robot control, monitoring and building automation.

Nuvo-7000 from Acceed

Nuvo-7002E - 8th-Gen Q370 Fanless System PCIe*16 2*GbE

Nuvo-7002DE - 8th-Gen Q370 Fanless System 2*PCIe*8 2*GbE

Nuvo-7002P - 8th-Gen Q370 Fanless System PCI 2*GbE

Nuvo-7006E - 8th-Gen Q370 Fanless System PCIe*16 6*GbE

Nuvo-7006DE - 8th-Gen Q370 Fanless System 2*PCIe*8 6*GbE

Nuvo-7006P - 8th-Gen Q370 Fanless System PCI 6*GbE