ORing IGPS-1080-24V-I: 24V PoE switch with 8 insulated gigabit ports

PoE switches exist in any given numbers. Nonetheless, you need to look for those with a total power output of 120 W. However, the IGPS-1080-24V-I, which conjures up a full 50 W with a maximum of 30 W from a switch cabinet-typical input voltage of only 24 V for all eight Ethernet interfaces, is virtually unique. The inconspicuous abbreviation “I” at the end of the product name expresses a further special feature: all eight ports are insulated (overvoltage protection up to 1.5 kV), and the isolation on the input power side has been enhanced to 1.5 kV. With such excellent features, the switch can be recommended for the connection and operation of IP cameras in security-related, demanding applications such as in machine vision and industrial image processing.

The PoE switch IGPS-1080-24V-I from ORing is equipped with important security features. Two power connections designed to be redundant guarantee an uninterruptible power supply, thus increasing the failsafe performance of the devices connected. The PoE function available for all eight interfaces supplies connected end devices, for example IP cameras, directly with electricity via the LAN cable with an output of up to 30 W per channel. This enables considerable reduction of the installation and material costs. Although the switch itself can only be operated with 24 to 36 V direct current, 52 to 57 V direct current is available to the eight PoE interfaces. All eight Ethernet connections are designed as insulated interfaces and provide overvoltage protection up to 1.5 kV. A 24 V DC 1 A relay output is available for direct switching tasks.

The implemented switching process “Store and forward” ensures that data packages received are initially saved in a buffer. Each data package is checked and processed in this buffer before being forwarded to its target address. The advantage is that faulty data packages are sorted out in advance. Further features such as Auto-negotiation, Auto-MDI/MDI-X and Data Flow Management round off the range of services. For Auto-negotiation, Ethernet devices exchange information such as the transfer rates and pause capabilities via their duplex mode, thus enabling them to establish a network connection with optimum performance. Jumbo frames up to 9.6 kilobytes are also supported.

The highly robust slim case housing (41 x 95 x 144 mm) is designed for both top-hat rails and for wall assembly. The large permissible operating temperature range from -40 to +70 °C is unusual.

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