PCIe-7432: Data acquisition cards from Acceed

The PCIe-7432 from Adlink has 32 opto-isolated digital inputs and outputs respectively. In addition to the standard model, a version with particularly high insulation voltage of up to 4500V (RMS) is available. The PCIe-7256, also from Adlink, has 32 self-retaining relay outputs and 16 insulated digital inputs. Event-driven connections can be established via the COS (change of state) recognition for the digital inputs. Typical areas of use for both cards include automation, test applications, monitoring as well as general data acquisition and control.

Both new PCIe cards can easily replace the currently available corresponding PCI cards. The software and drivers are downward compatible. Therefore, increased efficiency is possible in existing systems and plants via simple exchange. When using the new cards, data transfer is accelerated from 132 MB/s to 250 MB/s without any additional work being incurred.

In accordance with industrial requirements, both cards accept a wide range of 5 to 24 V input voltage, the high-voltage version PCIe-7432HIR (High Input Range) correspondingly from 12 to 50 V. The specified insulation voltage for the PCIe-7432 standard cards is 2500 V (RMS).

For operation, an ambient temperature of 0 to 60 °C is permissible at 5 to 95 % relative humidity.

The operating systems Linux and Windows are supported, drivers and SDKs are provided for LabVIEW, MATLAB, C/C++, Visual Basic and Visual Studio.NET.

We recommend the PCIe-7432 for industrial applications, as a watchdog timer, event counter, frequency counter and generator or pulse generator. All outputs can be used as a current sink up to 500 mA.

The PCIe-7256 can be ideally used for the industrial control of digital signals, external relay activation and signal changes, laboratory and automation applications, monitoring switch contacts and limit switches as well as for monitoring tasks.