PCIe-PoE334LP: Low-profile controller card with 4 x gigabit PoE

The new low-profile card PCIe-PoE334LP is intended for use as a frame grabber for server application and is the first PoE card in PCIe low-profile format. As a powerful controller, the card serves demanding solutions in image processing applications, for example for traffic surveillance and production control or in security and imaging systems. The card is available with immediate effect from the independent German distributor acceed.

The new controller card PCIe-PoE334LP is tailored for typical use in PoE applications, for example automatic optical inspection (AOI), factory automation or IP monitoring, e.g. in traffic areas or for access controls.

The card’s core is its gigabit Ethernet controller I350-AM44 from Intel with four RJ45 connections. All four Ethernet interfaces support 802.3at PoE+ and each provide up to 25.5 watts’ output up to a maximum of 75W total output (restricted due to the PCIe bus) The option to release the voltage for each of the four connections individually in case of interruption or error reset is provided via an API. 9.5 kB Jumbo Frames, Teaming and the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) are supported in accordance with IEEE 1588.

The sturdy overvoltage protection in accordance with IEC 61000-4-5 class 2 withstands overvoltage of up to 1 kV and 8 kV ESD on the signal lines. This means that the card can also be used outdoors, for example for video monitoring or in production environments where overvoltage via the network can result in serious damages.

Thanks to its low-profile format with the dimensions 168 mm (W) x 69 mm (H), the PCIe-PoE334LP fits ideally into industrial  2HE servers in an upright position. Despite its small size, the card is highly performant and safe for server applications, moreover at the same time as resilient as required for use in industrial environments.