A perfect pair: board PC and touch screen

As comfortable man-to-machine interfaces, touch screens are used universally for building automation and industrial applications. However, special hardware is required for triggering touch screens. The single board computer M-506 from Artila meets these requirements despite its compact dimensions and is provided by acceed in a package with a 16:9 touch screen (7 inch / 18 cm).

Fanless and compact

With its dimensions of 146 × 102 mm, the Board PC M-506 from Artila corresponds to the 3.5" shape factor. Thanks to its compact construction, the board can easily also be fitted in small casings or environments with restricted space. The wide range of supply voltage from 10 to 40 VDC makes integration easier. The core of the single board computer, a 400 MHz ARM9 processor, works without a cooling fan and therefore silently. By using this energy-saving processor, the system has a very low current consumption of 200 mA (2.5 W power consumption). The admissible ambient temperature for operation is 0 to 70 °C.

Variety of interfaces

The M-506 controls touch screens with a resolution of up to 1280 x 860 pixels via its TTL/LVDS connection. The German distributor acceed supplements the M-506 as a package solution with a touch screen in 16:9 format with LED backlighting. Four USB 2.0 host interfaces provide universal connectivity: two of them via USB sockets and two via 10 PIN connections. Moreover, the M-506 provides four serial RS-232 interfaces of which one is designed as a sub D connection (DB9 male) and two more are designed as 10 PIN connections. The fourth serial interface has a terminal block connection and can alternatively be used as an RS-422/485 interface. The four digital I/Os of the M-506 are ideally suited for use in automation. The RJ45 connection integrates the device into the local network with 10/100 Mbps. In addition to a RAM of 128 MB, the board has 128 MB of useable flash memory. A microSD slot can be used to extend the available storage space by up to 16 GB (SDHC). This provides sufficient reserves for measurement and user data as well as own application software. The pre-installed Web server Linux 2.6.29 is supplemented by the GNU tool chain and also enables beginners to develop their own software. The Web-based administration works well using the pre-installed program "webmin". Should the application software freeze, the integrated watchdog timer ensures a safe reboot.

You can purchase the M-506 via the website www.acceed.de either individually or in a bundle with a touch screen. You can also find the proven Artila Matrix IPC series and further components for industrial applications here.