POC-300: Ultra-compact full metal housing controller with gigabit PoE

The new series of ultra-compact and fanless POC-300 industrial controllers from acceed consists of four devices with varied interface equipment and two alternative processors for selection. Up to three gigabit interfaces are available, of which two are equipped with PoE, four USB ports and an array of standard serial and digital interfaces. The fast MezIO slot, for which an array of special MezIO modules are available, is a highlight. With these, it becomes easy to realise made-to-measure embedded applications affordably, which is ideal for space-critical applications in building automation, video monitoring or imaging within industrial surroundings.

The series POC-300 fanless box controllers are only a mere 105 x 149 mm in size and equipped either with the N4200 Intel Pentium (1.1/2.5 GHz) or the E3950 quad core processor (1.6/2.0 GHz, code name Apollo Lake), also from Intel. The working memory for all model versions can be upgraded to 8GB.

The design of the full metal housing, specially optimised for heat dissipation and consisting of a resistant aluminium alloy together with the two PoE gigabit connections, is predestined for security applications with IP cameras and further applications with IP-based Smart devices. The high data transfer rate supports secure high resolution video streaming, image analysis in video monitoring and machine vision application with GigE cameras, for example for production control or robot control.

Four USB connections of which two with USB 3.0 and several serial (RS-232/422/485) connections provide high flexibility for data communication with devices, sensors and actors. A DVI connection for analogue RGB and DVI/HDMI as well as an audio output and microphone input round-off the generous configuration options. In addition to the MezIO slot, a mini PCIe socket with a USIM slot for communication in the mobile communications network can be found within the housing on the PCB. For on-site data saving, SSD hard drives with various capacities can be integrated via the internal MSATA connection.

The POC-300 series embedded PCs can be operated at an ambient temperature range from -25°C to +70 °C with an installed SSD and 100% CPU load. The special aluminium alloy and the design using elaborate heat conduction technology also enable installation on narrow and poorly ventilated channels, switch boxes or weather-protected housing.

Ultra-compact controllers from Acceed

POC-200 - Atom E3845 Ultra-Compact Fanless Controller 2*PoE 4*COM

POC-210 - Atom E3845 Ultra-Compact Fanless Controller 4*COM

POC-212 - Atom E3845 Ultra-Compact Fanless Controller with HDD Bay

POC-222 - Atom E3825 Ultra-Compact Fanless Controller with HDD Bay

POC-300 - Atom E3950 Ultra-Compact Ctrllr 3*GbE 2*PoE 2/2USB3/2.0 4*COM

POC-310 - Atom E3950 Ultra-Compact Ctrllr 3*GbE 2/2USB3/2.0 4*COM

POC-320 - N4200 Ultra-Compact Ctrllr 3*GbE 2*PoE 2/2USB3/2.0 4*COM

POC-350 - N4200 Ultra-Compact Ctrllr 3*GbE 2/2USB3/2.0 4*COM