INJ-102GT: PoE for everybody!

End devices in data networks, for example cameras, barcode scanners or sensors must be provided with current. For this purpose, either an electricity source is necessary at every end device location or switches which support PoE (Power over Ethernet). A PoE injector such as the INJ-102GT from Acceed offers a good value alternative to this. Existing switches need not be replaced, separate electrical wires are redundant and the PoE injector can be flexibly adapted, also to changing requirements, precisely to the data link where it is needed.

Industrial Ethernet networks can be extended with the PoE function using the INJ-102GT series PoE injectors without exchanging switches. In this manner, end devices can be provided with power easily and directly via the data line. That increases flexibility as well as saving material and installation costs. The injectors each have two data ports and two gigabit PoE ports. A data port is connected to an existing switch and the respective end device to the PoE port. A total of up to 90W is available for both PoE ports together, enabling in particular also the provision of devices with a higher power output in the industrial area. This makes neither separate power supplies nor additional power lines necessary on the end devices as such.

The PoE injectors are equipped with automatic overvoltage protection and on the output side with overcurrent protection. The approval of the voltage on the line is only provided if a valid PoE signature is received from the end device. This hinders that connected end devices without a PoE function are damaged by existing voltage in the data cable.

The robust IP30 metal casing is suitable for direct top-hat rail assembly and, thanks to its compact construction, excellently suited for installation in switch cabinets or junction boxes. Various options can be selected for the injector’s voltage range, for example from 24 to 50V DC. A matching power supply is available as an accessory if needed. Operation is permissible at an ambient temperature range from -25 to +70°C. LEDs on the front side show the operating status and the PoE activity.