PXI measurement technology as a modular system

Nominal speed reached? Video signal correct? Function tests require measurement technology which is often installed in specialist individual devices. Such standalone solutions require a large amount of space and are cost-intense. On the other hand, PXI (PCI eXtensions for instrumentation) enable the structure of modular, scaleable test systems. acceed offers current PXI components for individual solutions which are as easy to insert as a modular system.


A controller provides the PXI measurement system independent processing power. The faster the processor used, the higher the system's data throughput. The PXIe-3975 with its core i5 processor offers a powerful quad core processor and, on top of it, 8 GB DDR3 working memory as well as a 160 GB hard drive. Within its gigabit LAN, four USB ports and an express card slot, a variety of adjustments and extensions are possible.

Recording measurement data

The PXI cards with Adlink digitizers convert analogue measurement signals to digital data. They are characterised by high measurement resolution of up to 24 bits. The digitizers PXI-9820, PXI-9846 and PXIe-9848 are equipped for measurement with high storage requirements, each with their 512 MB measurement memory. If high-speed waveforms are to be recorded, for example from radar or ultrasound applications, we recommend the two-channel digitizer PXI-9280. The device achieves sampling rates of up to 130 MS/s or 2 × 65 MS/s. The four-channel digitizer PXI-9846's input impedance can be varied between 50 ohms and 1 megaohm via software. This enables measurement over a broad dynamic range, as used for example for software-based radio equipment. The eight-channel digitizer PXIe-9848 supports the fast PXI express standard. Its high input bandwidth of 100 MHz and a realtime sampling rate of 100 MS/s make it ideally suited for testing power modules and devices for optical spacing and speed measurement.

The PXI-9527 card is predestined for function tests for audio devices. It records dynamic signals with an adjustable sampling rate of up to 432 KS/s and a 24 bit sigma-delta converter. The voltage range for both input and output channels can also be varied via software.


Controllers can also be realised using PXI cards. The PXI-8164 card has a four axle motion controller. It controls servo and stepper motors and can, for example, be used for precise positioning drives in machine tools with its16 bit speed resolution.


The controllers and cards have space in special PXI casing. With its dimensions of 444 × 178 × 455 mm, the chassis PXIS-2719A provides space for PXI cards and is suitable for rack installation. The slots are provided with a total power of 600 W.