PXIe components for use in production

As opposed to under protected laboratory operation, PXI components must meet special requirements for the production surroundings. Stability, data security, long-term availability and speed are given top priority. The German distributor Acceed is specialised in PXI components for industrial applications. In particular, the devices from Adlink, from modular chassis via controllers up to A/D converters cover a wide range of possible applications at the same time.

Chassis PXES-2590

The Adlink PXES 2590 is a PXI express chassis and has 9 hybrid slots which are compatible with PXIe, PXI, cPCIe and cPCI modules: 1 system slot, 1 system timing slot and 7 peripheral slots. Two BNC connections on the rear side for 10 MHz cycle input / output serve for synchronisation purposes with further system devices, thus extending the fields of application.

The system supports up to 8 GB/s system bandwidth and up to 1 GB/s peripheral bandwidth for all slots. The innovative fan system ensures efficient cooling and allows a surrounding temperature from 0 to 55 °C. The high-quality, reliable voltage range ensures a maximum of 400 W at temperatures of up to 55 °C.

The integrated monitoring-controller provides information on the status of all chassis components such as the fan, speed, system voltage and interior temperature. The 3U chassis PXES 2780 is a good solution for even larger applications with wider-ranging measurement tasks and, with its 18 slots, has double the number of slots.

Controller PXIe-3975

The core of the PXI express controller PXIe 3975 is the powerful Intel Core i5 520E processor with 2.4 GHz. With this, the card is perfectly suitable for multitasking applications in hybrid PXIe-based test systems. With the maximum bandwidth of 2 GB/s, the card is one of the leading PXIe controllers on the market for the function testing of assemblies in production and development.

The controller is equipped with up to 8 GB DDR3-RAM (1066 MHz) and has a fast SATA hard drive with a capacity of 160 GB. With this, the card provides a solid basis for industrial automatic test systems.

The board incorporates 2 GBit LAN interfaces, 2 further LAN interfaces, 4 USB 2.0 connections as well as a GPIB controller (IEEE 488) for connection to external GPIB devices.

The controller can be upgraded using the ExpressCard/34 extension slot attached to the front panel. A DVI-I connection and a trigger interface for PXI trigger functions complete the options for data communication.

Digitizer PXIe-9852

The Adlink PXIe 9852 card is a dual channel 14 bit PCI express digitizer. The high-speed digitizer has two simultaneous inputs with scanning rates of 200 MS/s and 14 bit resolution. Bandwidths of 90 MHz and DDR3 working memory up to 1 GB are supported. The combination of highly precise measurement, data streaming up to 800 MB/s as well as integrated technology for signal averaging make this digitizer the top choice for long-term applications with high-speed data recording.

The card provides analogue to digital conversion with a scan rate of 200 MS/s with a 14 bit resolution. With 83 dB SFDR, 62 dB SNR and 81 dB THD, it is leading in the area of highly dynamic data recording. Input voltages of ± 0.2 V, ± 2 V and ± 10 V are supported, the input impedance can be switched between 50 ? and 1 M?. A large number of trigger options and synchronisation opportunities ensure a wide application range.

The PXIe 9852 streams the data from both channels simultaneously, thus supplying the host PC with a maximum throughput of 800 MB/s. With this, the card connects a high bandwidth, simultaneous dual channel data streaming and in installed 1 GB memory, forming an ideal tool for high-speed realtime data recording.