RIO-2018: Modbus/TCP module for 3 temperature sensors

Artila is known worldwide as a developer of cost-efficient remote IO modules. Now, the manufacturer has introduced a new device, the RIO-2018 to the market, which is in particular characterised by its three thermodynamic data channels. Either type J (-210 … 1200 °C) or K (200 … 1350 °C) thermal elements can be connected to it. The new remote module is available from the German distributor acceed, known as an embedded systems specialist.

In addition to the three temperature sensor connections, the new RIO-2018 I/O module has two opto-isolated digital inputs and a relay output with a switching output of 30 VDC at 1 A or 125 VAC at 0.5 A.

The thermal elements are connected via the three PCC-SMP (Omega) sockets. The matching plug type is very common and ensures safe contacts. All inputs are connected with a type MAX31855 digital convertor with cold junction compensation (CJC). The simultaneous connection of several thermal elements also enables the simple inclusion of a reference junction temperature in the measurements. The resolution of the thermal channels is specified respectively with 14 bits and 0.25 °C.

An ARM Cortex M3 with the operating system FreeRTOS is used as the CPU. LEDs signalise power supply, readiness for operation and LAN activity.

The Ethernet interface (10/100 Mbps) is realised as a RJ45 connection. The Modbus/TCP, UDP, HTTP and DHCP protocols are supported. Its integrated AJAX Web interface enables fast and easy programming and control using a Web browser. Windows and Linux C/C++ APIs are ready for further-reaching integration.

In connection, for example, with a fanless industrial Matrix series micro PC from the same manufacturer, also available from acceed, the RIO module can be used immediately as a compact standalone application. The Matrix-505 offers two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, two USB 2.0 host connections as well as a microSD slot for memory cards up to 32 GB.

The RIO-2018 module is suitable for assembly in switch cabinets (on top-hat rails) and can be operated using direct current from 9 to 48 V. The digital inputs, relay output and power supply are connected via screw connector terminals. The admissible ambient temperature for operation is 0 to 70 °C.

IO modules from Acceed

RIO-2015PG - Cortex M3 FreeRTOS I/O Module isol: 4*AD 2*DA 4*DI 2*Relay

RIO-2017 - Modbus/TCP Remote AI Module 8*AD

RIO-2017BM - Modbus/TCP Remote AI Module Bluemix ready 8*AD

RIO-2018 - Modbus/TCP Remote AI Module 3* Thermocouple Input

RIO-2018BM - Modbus/TCP Remote AI Module Bluemix ready 3* Thermocouple Input