Slim Linux PC for the top-hat rail

Artila's PAC-4070 is a powerful Linux Box-PC for the top-hat rail. Specifically developed for automation, the PAC-4070 is geared to low electricity consumption, fast and cheap installation and round-the-clock availability.

The vertical top-hat rail assembly of the PAC-4070 enables the accommodation of a considerable number of devices within the smallest of spaces. At the same time, all the important interfaces and the signal LEDs are directed to the front. Only the power connection for the wide input voltage range from 9 to 40 VDC is made from the top via a plugged terminal socket. A plug-in for microSD cards is located on the bottom.

The PAC-4070 has two Ethernet connections, two USB 2.0 interfaces, six serial interfaces (of which four are RS-232 and two insulated RS-485 interfaces), four analogue inputs, four insulated digital inputs and four digital outputs. A 400 MHz ARM-9 processor provides the core. 64 MB SDRAM and 128 MB NAND flash are available as memory. Without plug connectors, the PAC-4070 casing only measures 130 (L) × 65 (B) × 102.5 (H) mm. The admissible ambient temperature for operation is 0 to +70 °C.

With the integrated Web server PHP5, the Web platform supports SSLV1/V2, CGI, FastCGI and Python as well as SQL 5, SNMP V1/V2/V3, IPKG and Java. It is also possible to connect specified WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth dongles as well as a webcam.


All PAC-4xxx series models as well as further Box-PCs, also as board modules, can be purchased from the German distributor acceed. Detailed data and software is available via download from the acceed website ( As a specialist for industrial communication technology, acceed has wide-ranging know-how, acts worldwide and is able to provide for a wide range of requirements with good terms due to its direct contacts to manufacturers and own warehouses.