TINJ-101GT-M12: Waterproof PoE injector provides electricity to the data network

In outdoor areas, vehicles and industrial applications with special protection requirements, the electricity supply for otherwise robust network devices means considerable additional work. It’s faster and easier with PoE The “Transporter” series PoE injectors with waterproof M12 connections are specially designed and manufactured for industrial use in harsh environments as well as rail and other vehicles. The devices meet the requirements of EN 50155 for electronics in rail vehicles and are particularly robust with respect to extreme ambient temperatures, damp, soiling, vibration and voltage fluctuations.

The small but fine TINJ-101GT-M12 is a latest generation PoE injector and has a PoE output with the specification 10/100/1000 base T(X). The injector was specifically developed for high requirements in industrial environments in accordance with EN 50155. All three connections for input, output and the electricity supply are executed as waterproof, screw-on M12 sockets. These firm and secure connections ensure reliable operation, in particular for mechanically highly stressed applications which are subjected to damp, vibrations and impact loads.

The intelligent electronics only activates output voltage when the connection of a PoE device is recognised and validated. This safely protects connected network devices without a PoE function against overvoltage. The maximum permissible cable length for CAT5 cables of 100m hinders voltage drop and makes the TINJ-101GT-M12 compatible with all end devices which meet the IEEE 802.3at/802.3af specification.

For operation, an extended ambient temperature range from -25 to +70°C is permissible. The full metal housing has the dimensions 89 x 40 x 178mm. The voltage input for 12 to 57V DC has overvoltage protection. The output provides up to 30W power.

Acceed’s portfolio incorporates more than 100 products with EN 50155 certification. In addition to a multitude of technical information on all aspects of industrial communication technology, Acceed provides fast access to ORing’s full product portfolio on its website (www.acceed.net/oring).

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