Weatherproof WLAN switchboard with X-roaming

Whether for Tablet PCs, barcode scanners or forklift terminals - mobile applications in industry require wireless networks, and these also outdoors. Adverse environmental influences prove to be a tough test for the network infrastructure here. The new Wireless-Access-Point IAP-W512 from ORing is designed for outdoor use and withstands dust, heat and water.

Industry-compatible design

The dustproof metal casing of the IAP-W512 corresponds to the protective category IP67. It is more than robust: with its dimensions of 162 × 48 × 102 mm it is compact and therefore easy to integrate. The device is prepared for wall attachment with drill holes. The latches provided are appropriate for outdoor use and can be used to attach the 800 gram light IAP-W512 to tubing and poles. When in operation, an extended ambient temperature range from -20 to +70 °C is permissible. The wide voltage range from 12 to 68 volts also opens flexible fields of use.

External WLAN aerials can be connected via two waterproof N sockets. The device has an RJ45 connection which is protected by a PG gland. With this, a local network can be connected using cable over a distance of 100 m with 10/100 Mbps.

Secure data transfer

With a power output of 500 MW, the IAP-W512 establishes wireless connections according to the IEEE802.11a/n standard and transfers data at a speed of up to 300 Mbps. Encoding mechanisms secure the data transfer. Here, the device supports both WPA, WPA2 PSK as well as the 802.1x authentication via RADIUS servers.

In addition to its use as a central access point for end devices, the IAP-W512 supports further operation modes. Thus, two LANs can be connected wirelessly by using two IAP-W512s in bridge mode. The device can extend the range of an existing WLAN as a repeater. The establishment of an extensive WLAN is possible by coupling several IAP-W512s in X-roaming mode. The X-roaming reduces the time for changing connections between the individual wireless access points to less than 100 milliseconds. This also provides mobile end devices access to the network when they move at high speeds, such as for forklift trucks during picking.

With integrated antenna

If you wish to manage without external WLAN aerials, use the sister model IAP-W510. This otherwise structurally identical wireless access point has an integrated 15 dBi panel aerial in place of the N sockets.