ZigBee sensors for the IoT

In the meantime, ZigBee has become established worldwide as an industrial standard for wireless device communication over short distances. Now, the German distributor acceed has increased its portfolio with a comprehensive range of new ZigBee devices from the manufacturer Nietzsche Enterprise. The new products include temperature and humidity sensors with integrated series STH-01ZB data loggers.

Nietzsche Enterprise is a big data specialist and a manufacturer of sensors, data loggers, controllers, routers and other components for recording and treating measurement data according to the ZigBee standard. Nietzsche Enterprise devices are used for large-scale facilities such as greenhouses, cold stores and warehouses, museums, in building management and logistics. The sensors are used everywhere where it is applicable to cover a large number of measurement points with reliable and energy-saving technology.

The temperature and humidity sensor STH-01ZB works with wireless ZigBee transfer technology (HA profile) and achieves ranges of up to 500m in the open. The air temperature and relative humidity data measured is either saved in the integrated data logger which has a capacity of 10,000 measurement values, directly on a PC or via a gateway to a mobile end device such as a Smartphone. The QuickView software included in the scope of delivery enables the realtime observation and analysis of the measurement values. All measurement data can also be read-off directly on the device’s monitor.

Nietzsche STH-01

A lithium battery can be inserted as a power supply, enabling an operation period of 5 to 10 days with data transmission at 1 minute intervals. The sensor can be operated at a relative humidity between 0 and 100%.

The WZB-02485R , also available from the Nietzsche Enterprise product portfolio held by acceed, is an appropriate router for this sensor and others.

Acceed provides detailed information about the Nietzsche Enterprise products under the keyword ZigBee and further components for industrial communication solutions.