3.3.3 Counter / Timer Cards

Counter / Timer cards for PCI / PCIe or PXI /cPXI or ISA bus

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PCI-Express 8 channel 32bitup/down counter
440.00 €


PCI-Express low profile 4 chan 32bitup/down counter
260.00 €


PCI 12*Timer/Counter Card
325.00 €


PCI 3 counter/timer and 32/32 TTL DIO digital input/putput
650.00 €


UPCI 4 channel 24bitup/down counter
220.00 €


UPCI 4 channel 24bitup/down counter
250.00 €


PCI 12 timer/counter, 24 TTL DIO
EOL, call for remaining quantity


PCI low profile 4 chan 32bitup/down counter
260.00 €


cPCI 12*Timer/Counter Card
420.00 €


ISA-AT 4 channel 24bitup/down counter
phased out
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