Acceed News

Adlink PXIe-3987: Fast PXIe platform with a GPIB interface

The new PXIe-3987 controller is available with immediate effect from the German distributor Acceed. Equipped with the Intel i7-7820EQ 3.0 GHz quad core processor and up to 32GB DDR4 working memory with 2400 MHz, this extremely high performance controller is suitable for the most demanding of tasks in multitasking environments with several simultaneous and independent measurement or testing tasks. The integrated GPIB interface (Micro-D) is a highlight for fast data communication with Pcs and further external devices. Read more

Acceed extends software services for IIoT projects

In particular with project-specific software development, the German distributor Acceed considerably extends its activities in the customer service area. The well-known distributor for selected network communication hardware from Düsseldorf, Acceed, has several decades’ experience and expertise in the selection and use of components for industrial network technology and the IIoT. The current service offer for individual equipping and ready assembly of components will now also be extended due to the expansion of personnel resources for project-specific software development. Read more

PB-9250J: SuperCap is the better UPS solution

Power supply failure for machine controls and IT infrastructures was mostly faced with battery-supported UPS systems to-date. So-called super capacitors, abbreviated as SuperCaps, can provide a longer-term and therefore better value solution. Acceed presents two models specifically for use with controllers and Box PCs. Read more

Nuvo-7160GC: GPU-PC gains performance from graphics card

The new GPU-supported Industry PC Nuvo-7160GC now available from Acceed is the high-performance and robust embedded platform, in particular for graphics-based machine applications such as in-line production control, real time video analysis, autonomous transport, face recognition and virtual reality. The system supports GPUs with up to 120W output and provides computing power from 4 to 6 teraflops. Based on various 8th generation Intel processors (Coffee Lake), the controllers convince primarily with the variety of their interfaces, including up to 6 with gigabit Ethernet (optionally with PoE), 4 USB 3.1 Gen 2, 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1, MezIO interface, PCI/PCIe cassette and mini PCIe. Its sophisticated design enables operation within a wide temperature range from -25 to +60°C. Read more

POC-351VTC: Vehicle PC with CAN, GbE, PoE, 4G, 3G and WLAN

Computers for use in vehicles must naturally be particularly robust, vibration-free and impact-resistant and designed for direct connection to the vehicle’s battery. The new vehicle controller, the POC-351VTC from Acceed, is equipped to meet precisely these criteria, additionally providing a GigE port, an integrated CAN bus as well as the option to add up to four radio modules per plug-in card in addition to two PoE ports with 25 watts output. Read more

EDAM-42xx: I/O modules for scalable data communication

The EDAM-4200 series I/O modules from acceed offer a good value solution for data communication with local end devices in automation and building control networks, for example for production control or remote servicing. The concept is based on merging the most frequently used I/O types in just one single module. In this manner, costs are not only reduced for setting up, but also for servicing and extensions within the network. Small DA&C systems and independent controllers are prepared fast with one or two EDAM-4200s. Thanks to two Ethernet interfaces, further modules can easily be joined as a distributed I/O architecture in accordance with the daisy chain principle. Read more

Artila Matrix-750: Gateway with individual radio modules

As intermediaries between sensors, actors and the network, gateways play a decisive role in industrial networks. Here, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) builds on the greatest possible versatility and flexibility of the communication channels. The compact industrial Box PC Matrix-750 from Artila has two Ethernet interfaces (RJ45) and also offers the option to use mini-PCIe cards as individual radio communication modules. It can be used fast and easily to extend the device for wireless communication. Two insulated digital inputs and two relay outputs serve for local data exchange together with the serial interface. Support of the Linux real time patch for real time applications is a special feature. Read more

ORing IGS-9822DGP: 12 port gigabit switch with 4 SFP ports

A switch is the core of the network and must accordingly do justice to the requirements of performance, data protection, failure safety and robustness vis-à-vis ambient influences. Bandwidth and flexibility for communication are further important factors for the selection of switches for industrial application. The new gigabit switch IGS-9822DGP with 12 Ethernet interfaces (of which 4 are SFP ports) is precisely tailored to meet these high requirements. Read more

Nuvo-7000: Box PC with Coffee Lake core, 6 x GbE and MezIO

The Nuvo-7000 series of industrial Box PCs now also available in Europe stands for a new generation of high-performance one-for-all platforms. Based on various 8th generation Intel processors (Coffee Lake), the Nuvo-7000 series embedded controllers convince primarily with the variety of their interfaces, including up to 6 with gigabit Ethernet with PoE, 4 USB 3.1 Gen 2, 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1, MezIO interface, PCI/PCIe cassette and mini PCIe. The area of use is attuned to industrial requirements, also via the admissible operation in the extended temperature range from -25 to +70 °C at full CPU load. Read more

ORing IDS-311F: Ethernet server meets safety requirements

When feeding serial data into networks, data safety and dropout protection are rather more important than bandwidth. The new device server IDS-311F from Acceed is designed to meet precisely these requirements. Two models (multi-mode and single mode) each with one serial connection as well as an RJ45 and fibreglass connection work with SSL encryption and redundant power supply. Operation within an extended ambient temperature range from -40 to +70°C is permissible for robust, industrial use. Read more

Aport-214PG: IIoT platform with real time OS

The new programmable device server Aport-214PG from Acceed is well-equipped for the specific communication tasks within current and future device networks. The energy-saving ARM Cortex M4 processor is the motor of the Ethernet serial converter. Its special feature is the integrated operating system FreeRTOS (Real Time Operating System), which supports 35 MCU architectures and various compilation environments. Read more

MXE-1500: Fanless, max performance, min space

Due to their compact size and failure-safe cooling technology, fanless Box PCs are used in a wide range of applications. High performance is often required within the tightest of spaces. The new extremely compact Box PC MXE-1500 series from Adlink provides a large number of interfaces, three independent display outputs and the space for a 2.5 inch SATA hard drive. With these features, the MXE-1500 is recommended as a basis for industrial automation, machine control or image processing applications. Read more

Nuvo-6108GC: GPU power for intelligent industry applications

The technology of complex calculations is currently undergoing a development away from pure CPU systems and towards specialised operations on the CPU and the graphics processor. As opposed to the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialised and optimised processor core for calculating graphics. The CUDA programming technique developed by Nvidia, which enables working off parts of programs via the graphics processor (GPU), results in significantly increased performance for program sequences which can be parallelized to a high degree. The industrial graphics computer Nuvo-6108GC, now available from the German distributor Acceed, is the ideal platform for GPU-accelerated simulation, virtual reality and machine vision applications as well as several further CUDA-based calculations. Read more

ORing ORIO-G30218: Flexible IO radio gateway for IoT applications

The new ORIO-G30218 radio gateway is a flexible and affordable solution for the transferral of serial data and switch signals via various near-field and mobile telecommunications protocols. With this, the gateway is, in particular suitable for IoT applications, intelligent building technology or Smart Home systems if a large number of sensor data and status signals are to be recorded, registered and processed. Read more

Neousys Nuvo-5608VR: Mobile video controller for 8 PoE cameras

Controllers for video monitoring and further vision applications for installation in vehicles must be particularly robust, vibration-free and impact-resistant and designed for direct connection to the vehicle’s battery. The new video controller Nuvo-5608VR from Acceed is specified for such high requirements. Eight gigabit PoE ports are available for HD data flow from IP cameras, augmented by two further GbR ports and a total of eight USB connections. Read more

IMC-V111ET-TB: Easy data network connection via twisted-pair cable

If it’s a case of connecting already existing data networks which are a long distance apart with one another, for example on extensive company premises or in factories, spontaneously two solutions occur to us: laying new network cables or establishing transmission paths. The former is too expensive, the latter too unsafe. The frequently available twisted two-wire lines for the telephone systems are used for a third, good value and stable solution. Using media converters such as the IMC-V111ET-TB from Acceed, an extensive network can be built-up, based on VDSL technology, which offers constant quality and is as good as tap-proof. Read more

Artila Matrix-713: Industry gateway with LTE (4G), WLAN and Gbit LAN

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is dependent on the greatest possible versatility and flexibility of the communication channels. Here, the gateways used as intermediaries between sensors or actors and the network play the decisive role. As an intelligent IoT gateway, the new industrial Box PC Matrix-713 from Artila offers the option to use mini PCIe cards as individual communication modules. With this, the permanently installed Ethernet interfaces (of which 1x gigabit) are extended by the important cordless communication paths of the mobile communications standards 4G and 3G as well as WLAN (802.11 b/g/n). Two CAN bus interfaces support the widespread industry standard. Read more

Artila Aport-213: A small gateway for serial data

Serial data which is recorded at a specific position in a system or a building often has to be lead to a central controller via long data lines. Here, the establishment of a transmission path would be the more elegant and efficient solution. With the Aport-213, Acceed introduces a new pocket size gateway, specially developed for this purpose. Read more

Adlink MVP-60xx: Fanless IPC with space for 4 PCI/PCIe cards

With up to four slots for PCI or PCIe cards, the new industry PC series MVP-60xx is a high-performance and cost-efficient solution for all areas of industrial manufacturing, machine vision and automation. The plug-in cards (1 x PCIe x16 and 3 x PCI or 2 x PCIe x16 and 2 x PCI) in the compact casing, which are accessible from the front, enable application-specific extensions of the function, for example for drive controls, visual quality control or further specific tasks. Read more

Nuvo-5026E: With several specifiable options

The latest development from the embedded PC 5000 series at Acceed is the Nuvo-5026E. The series is characterised by its high customisability with reference to output, equipment, storage options and I/O extensions for data communication. The German distributor Acceed offers its special customer-specific service of ready assembly, thus providing tested devices ready for direct use, also in large quantities up to a rollout of several hundred systems per week. With its two PCIe slots, the new Novo-5026E is, for example, well suited for the modernisation of already existing but outdated applications with a high-performance, compact solution. Read more

Adlink MXE-210: IIoT gateway and embedded controller combined

Two technologies combined in a compact device - that is what Acceed, the independent German distributor for industrial network technology, offers with the new MXE-210 in its portfolio. The controller, designed for robust use in the temperature range from -40 to +85°C, can be used both as an IIoT gateway and as an embedded platform for local controllers. This makes the MXE-210 particularly interesting for demanding applications in the areas of transport, automation, manufacturing and Smart city solutions. Read more

Adlink USB-2405: Starter kit for preventive condition monitoring

Don’t wait until the damages have occurred: that is the objective of anticipatory servicing, also known as preventive condition monitoring. Cracks and breaks come as a result of changed oscillation frequencies, in particular on motor bearings. You simply need to recognise them early in order to anticipate sudden failure and standstills. Sound emission testing based on high-speed data recording serves to recognise damages to roller bearings early and a cost-efficient starter kit is available for this purpose from Acceed. Read more

PCIe-PoE334LP: Low-profile controller card with 4 x gigabit PoE

The new low-profile card PCIe-PoE334LP is intended for use as a frame grabber for server application and is the first PoE card in PCIe low-profile format. As a powerful controller, the card serves demanding solutions in image processing applications, for example for traffic surveillance and production control or in security and imaging systems. The card is available with immediate effect from the independent German distributor acceed. Read more

EDAM-9466: Compact Ethernet IO module now also with PoE

The new IO module EDAM-9466 offers six digital input channels and six relay outputs (5 A 250 VAC, 5 A 30 VDC). Thanks to its power supply with PoE, the module can be used easily and fast everywhere in networks – a high-performance and simultaneously economical solution for transferring measurement data to LAN or the Internet. Read more

TINJ-101GT-M12: Waterproof PoE injector provides electricity to the data network

In outdoor areas, vehicles and industrial applications with special protection requirements, the electricity supply for otherwise robust network devices means considerable additional work. It’s faster and easier with PoE The “Transporter” series PoE injectors with waterproof M12 connections are specially designed and manufactured for industrial use in harsh environments as well as rail and other vehicles. The devices meet the requirements of EN 50155 for electronics in rail vehicles and are particularly robust with respect to extreme ambient temperatures, damp, soiling, vibration and voltage fluctuations. Read more

Acceed obtains DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

Acceed, independent German distributor for industrial network technology, meets the highest demanding quality standards and therefore obtains certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Read more

Adlink MXE-110i: The energy-saving gateway to the IIoT

Connectivity is trumps in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Energy-efficiency and cost efficiency denote further significant factors. The new IoT Gateway Matrix MXE-110i, offered by the independent German distributor Acceed, is precisely tailored to meet these requirements. Based on the Quark SoC X1021 from Intel, the processor optimised for energy-saving applications, the industry gateway integrates the Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.1. This enables a wide range of applications for industrial IoT applications such as Smart City, Facility Management, intelligent factory automation or extensive smart client agricultural applications which require especially low energy consumption. Read more

POC-300: Ultra-compact full metal housing controller with gigabit PoE

The new series of ultra-compact and fanless POC-300 industrial controllers from acceed consists of four devices with varied interface equipment and two alternative processors for selection. Up to three gigabit interfaces are available, of which two are equipped with PoE, four USB ports and an array of standard serial and digital interfaces. The fast MezIO slot, for which an array of special MezIO modules are available, is a highlight. With these, it becomes easy to realise made-to-measure embedded applications affordably, which is ideal for space-critical applications in building automation, video monitoring or imaging within industrial surroundings. Read more

ORing TGAR-2062: Dual 4G LTE router with waterproof sockets

The transporter series 4G routers are specially designed and manufactured for industrial use in harsh environments as well as rail and other vehicles. The devices meet the requirements of EN 50155 for electronics in rail vehicles and are particularly robust with respect to extreme ambient temperatures, damp, soiling, vibration and voltage fluctuations. The TGAR-2062+-4GS-M12 has two LAN interfaces (10/100/1000Base-T), which are designed as waterproof M12 connections. Read more

RIO-2018: Modbus/TCP module for 3 temperature sensors

Artila is known worldwide as a developer of cost-efficient remote IO modules. Now, the manufacturer has introduced a new device, the RIO-2018 to the market, which is in particular characterised by its three thermodynamic data channels. Either type J (-210 … 1200 °C) or K (200 … 1350 °C) thermal elements can be connected to it. The new remote module is available from the German distributor acceed, known as an embedded systems specialist. Read more

ORing TGPS-1080: Industrial switch with PoE and M12 according to EN 50155

The industrial switch TGPS-1080-M12 has eight 10/100/1000Base-T(X) interfaces realised as M12 connectors. The switch meets the requirements in accordance with EN 50155 for electronics in rail vehicles and can therefore withstand the tough requirements regarding the ambient temperature, humidity, soiling, vibration, voltage fluctuation, cooling and electromagnetic compatibility. Read more

Nuvo-5095GC: Graphics power for industrial applications

Long since a matter of course for the calculation of graphics in gaming computers – concentrated graphics power is now also used in Box PCs for industrial applications. As opposed to the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialised and optimised processor core for calculating graphics. The use of a GPU is in particular noticeable due to a significant increase in performance for parallelisable tasks. This not only includes graphics calculations, but also weather calculations, finite elements or matrix operations for example. At the same time, the CPU is relieved and is available for other tasks. Industrial applications profit in the machine vision, intelligent video monitoring, process analysis, data visualisation and simulation areas. With the new Nuvo-5095GC, the German distributor Acceed has integrated a highly specialised strong performance IPC with various versions in its portfolio. Read more

Adlink MXC-6400: High performance for imaging and automation

The new MXC-6400 series embedded computers from Adlink were developed specially for the high requirements of industrial applications. Compact, fanless and nonetheless with optimum heat dissipation, the robust Box PCs can be operated at an ambient temperature range from -20 to +70°C. With an impact resistance of up to 50 G and vibration resistance up to 5 Grms, the high-performance devices are also equipped to handle the special requirements for use in intelligent transport systems (ITS), rail vehicles, production plants and factory automation. Read more

Advanio: A Wolf in the switch cabinet

The new remote IO module series from Advanio for the top-hat rails is called Wolf. The manufacturer Advanio, so far only known among experts in this country, convinces in particular with innovative approaches to IO technology. The new product series with the striking name Wolf consists of several analogue and digital IO modules for up to 16 channels within the smallest of spaces. Permissible surrounding temperatures from -25 to +70 °C, hot swap capability as well as a wide input voltage range from 10 to 60 V DC are only some of the features which demonstrate the superiority of implementation of the special requirements of Industrie 4.0 by Advanio. Read more

Nuvo-6032: Scalable i7 controller with 5 PCIe/PCI slots

The new industry controller Nuvo-6000 convinces as a fanless embedded PC with its five PCIe/PCI extension slots. In the Nuvo-6032 version, the compact system can be equipped respectively with an x16 PCI card and an x8 PCIe card as well as three PCI cards. Various 6th generation (Skylake) Intel core processors are available. Two gigabit Ethernet interfaces, four USB 3.0 and five COM ports (RS232/485/422) enable database communication in the network and with peripheral devices. The Nuvo-6032 provides three SATA ports and one mSATA socket for storage options. The smaller Nuvo-6002 model only has one SATA port and dispenses with the three PCI slots, but otherwise has the same features with a somewhat smaller construction size. Read more

Nuvo-500xLP: Especially flat Box PC with 6 GigE ports

The Nuvo-5000 series industrial Box PCs only introduced in 2016 has already had a further model added: the especially flat Nuvo-5000LP with a mere height of 77 mm. LP stands for low profile and with this the new embedded controller convinces, despite the large number of interfaces, primarily as a system-integrated controller which can be located in cable ducts, small switch boxes and machine shafts. All controllers in the series are attuned to an area of use with industrial requirements, also demonstrated by admissible operation in the extended temperature range from -25 to +70 °C at full CPU load. Read more

ORing IGPS-1080-24V-I: 24V PoE switch with 8 insulated gigabit ports

PoE switches exist in any given numbers. Nonetheless, you need to look for those with a total power output of 120 W. However, the IGPS-1080-24V-I, which conjures up a full 50 W with a maximum of 30 W from a switch cabinet-typical input voltage of only 24 V for all eight Ethernet interfaces, is virtually unique. The inconspicuous abbreviation “I” at the end of the product name expresses a further special feature: all eight ports are insulated (overvoltage protection up to 1.5 kV), and the isolation on the input power side has been enhanced to 1.5 kV. With such excellent features, the switch can be recommended for the connection and operation of IP cameras in security-related, demanding applications such as in machine vision and industrial image processing. Read more

Artila RIO-2015PG: Programmable I/O module with a Web interface

Freely programmable I/O modules belong to the core elements in several automation and building technology applications, for mass data processing, in test laboratories and in other industrial processes. The new I/O module RIO-2015PG from Artila, which will already be available from the German distributor Acceed soon, was developed by Artila specifically for this purpose. Read more

PCIe-7432: Data acquisition cards from Acceed

The PCIe-7432 from Adlink has 32 opto-isolated digital inputs and outputs respectively. In addition to the standard model, a version with particularly high insulation voltage of up to 4500V (RMS) is available. The PCIe-7256, also from Adlink, has 32 self-retaining relay outputs and 16 insulated digital inputs. Event-driven connections can be established via the COS (change of state) recognition for the digital inputs. Typical areas of use for both cards include automation, test applications, monitoring as well as general data acquisition and control. Read more

Matrix-700: New Box PC series with Linux 3.18.x

The new Matrix-700 from Artila is now also available in Europe from the independent distributor acceed. The compact industry controller is available in two versions: with integrated WLAN including an aerial and without WLAN. In any case, the drivers are pre-installed and trouble-free retrofitting with a simple WLAN USB stick is always possible. The new Matrix-700 is supplied with Cortex-A5 CPU and the current Linux architecture (kernel 3.18.x). Read more

POC-120: Ultra-compact gigabit controller with an internal high-speed interface

The new ultra-compact and fanless industry controller POC-120 from Acceed barely has the size of a 3.5” hard disk drive. The micro PC is based on the E3826 dual core Atom processor from Intel with 1.46 GHz and has two GigE interfaces as well as three USB interfaces. Further data exchange is possible via the two RS-232/422/485 serial interfaces and the individually configurable digital I/O interface. Small, powerful and designed for temperatures of up to 70°C, the POC-120 presents itself as an ideal embedded controller for space-critical applications in industrial surroundings, in building automation, for security applications and also for mobile use. Read more

Nuvo-5000: Box PC with Skylake core and MezIO modules

The new industrial Box PC Nuvo-5000, already available from Acceed in the first quarter of this year, stands for a new generation of powerful one-for-all platforms. Based on various 6th generation Intel core processors (code name: Skylake), the Nuvo-5000 series embedded controllers convince primarily with the variety of their interfaces, including up to 6 with gigabit Ethernet (4 with PoE), 4 x USB 3.0, 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x RS232/485/422, mini PCIe and an SIM card slot. The area of use is attuned to industrial requirements, also via the admissible operation in the extended temperature range from -25 to +70 °C at full CPU load. Read more

RIO-2010: Compact modbus module for Smart Metering

Smart Metering, also known as “Intelligent Metering“, is playing an increasingly important role in small and medium-sized applications. One example of this is consumption data recording in all sizes of residential complexes, commercial buildings and other commercial properties. Here, the Smart Metering is either integrated in the central building technology or it provides the measurement data to administration bodies or billing centres via the Internet as a standalone solution. In accordance with its nature, one of the core tasks of Smart Metering is naturally data acquisition and subsequent data transfer. The new data acquisition module RIO-2010 was developed especially for these tasks and, together with the micro PC Matrix-505 from the same manufacturer, can form an application which is ready for operation. Read more

Nuvis-3304af: Fanless vision system with 4 GigEs and PoE

Demanding machine vision and video monitoring applications are based on the recording, transfer, evaluation and saving of video data. Modern video systems work with megapixel cameras which carry large quantities of data into the system. Naturally, this data volume requires a wide bandwidth, top processor performance as well as a high degree of security and flexibility in memory management. The new vision controller Nuvis-3304af from Acceed is specifically designed to meet these requirements. Read more

Talos-3012: EtherCAT components for intelligent networks

EtherCAT is by far the fastest industrial Ethernet technology. In particular in the rapidly growing application areas of Automation 4.0, the Internet of Things and M2M communication, EtherCAT results in higher precision if the right components are used, to increase throughput and with this also to lower costs in all areas of automation and controlling. Therefore, Acceed has incorporated the latest EtherCAT components from the manufacturer Adlink in its portfolio, including the master controller Talos 3012 and the modular slave system EPS with a large variety of modules including analogue and digital I/Os, motion controllers, communication and measurement modules. Read more

MAQ20: New data acquisition system from Dataforth

MAQ20 is the new data acquisition system from the US manufacturer Dataforth. The system distinguishes itself with its modular structure for space-saving and fast top-hat rail assembly as well as top cost efficiency per channel. All the system components and the software packages for analysis and graphic depiction of the measurement data are available from the German distributor Acceed. Read more

Nuvo-3003LP: Mini PCs for super wind boosters

Skydivers fly without a parachute, only carried by the air pockets between the ground and the aircraft. When skydiving indoors, this all takes place in a vertical wind tunnel with an airflow velocity of up to 286 km/h which holds the skydiver similarly to free falling from a genuine parachute jump. The indoor skydiving facilities in Bottrop, Germany, belong to the most modern of their type worldwide. In the 17 metre high wind channel, beginners, enthusiasts and professionals alike experience the dream of flying – emotions, fun and a good portion of of adrenalin all-inclusive. Now, Nuvo-3003LP series industrial mini PCs are used as part of the control and monitoring technology. Read more

Nuvo-2510VTC: PC for vehicles with PoE, CAN bus and wireless

PCs for installation in vehicles must be robust, vibration-free and impact-resistant and designed for direct connection to the vehicle’s battery. The new PC for vehicles, the Nuvo-2510VTC from Acceed, meets these criteria, additionally providing an integrated CAN bus (2.0A und 2.0B) in addition to two GigE ports with 25 watts output as well as the option to add two 3G/4G modules and also a WiFi module. Read more

Nuvo-2500: Automation PC with PCI / PCIe cassette

High processor performance, robust, service-free casing, a compact construction as well as a large number of interfaces which are already integrated: the Nuvo-2500 has everything which an efficient embedded PC needs for all-round use. In particular its already installed interfaces as possible PCI / PCIe extensions make this controller interesting in the current Internet of Things (IoT) and Automation 4.0 application range. Read more

INJ-102GT: PoE for everybody!

End devices in data networks, for example cameras, barcode scanners or sensors must be provided with current. For this purpose, either an electricity source is necessary at every end device location or switches which support PoE (Power over Ethernet). A PoE injector such as the INJ-102GT from Acceed offers a good value alternative to this. Existing switches need not be replaced, separate electrical wires are redundant and the PoE injector can be flexibly adapted, also to changing requirements, precisely to the data link where it is needed. Read more

Nuvo-3000LP: Extra flat Box PCs for space-critical applications

The professional Box PCs Nuvo-3005LP and Nuvo-3003LP are low-profile versions of the proven Nuvo-3000 IPC series from Acceed. These controllers’ extra flat chassis was constructed specially for use in tight installation surroundings. Despite their low height of a mere 69 mm, these fanless industrial PCs can be used at ambient temperatures of -25 to +70°C. Read more

Nuvo-3616: Mobile Box PC with 16 PoE ports

The new fanless and highly compact Box PC Nuvo-3616 from Acceed is equally suited for mobile applications and fixed industrial installations. It is distinguished by its 16 Ethernet PoE ports with a total of 160W output. Its further performance features include an optional third generation i5 or i7 quad core processor from Intel, up to four 2.5” SAT HDDs with RAID support in patented easy swap trays for fast changing and the robust fanless casing designed for industrial application. The preferred areas of use where the Nuvo-3616 can demonstrate its performance include video monitoring, machine vision, video streaming and factory automation applications. Read more

Nuvo-4000: Industry PC power for high data throughput

Despite its compact construction, the Nuvo-4000 is an exceptionally reliable, highly efficient and above all flexible controller for factory automation, in-line production control or demanding tasks in machine vision applications and further data processing systems. The power package’s engine is optionally an Intel-CPU i7-3610QE or the smaller i5-3610ME variant. The high-quality construction of the fanless casing enables 24-hour operation at an ambient temperature range from -25°C to +60°C and 10 to 90% relative humidity. Read more

Matrix-513: industry box PC with LAN, WLAN and 3G

The Matrix-513 from Artila is now also available from Acceed in Germany and Europe. In addition to two Ethernet connections, the industrial mini PC provides various wireless communication options via WLAN, Bluetooth and 3G. The standard equipment includes the reliable operating system Linux 2.6.38 and a software utilities bundle such as Web server, PHP server, Python, Java, MySQL and SQLite. Read more

POC-200: Ultra-compact IPC with one gigabit PoE and USB 3.0

The new ultra-compact and fanless POC-200 series industry PCs from Acceed are based on the Intel quad core Atom processor E3845 with 1.91 GHz and have two gigabit PoE interfaces, three USB 3.0 ports and an array of standard serial and digital interfaces. Small, powerful and designed for temperatures of up to 70°C, the POC-200 presents itself as an ideal embedded controller for space-critical applications in industrial surroundings, in building automation, for security applications and mobile use. Read more

Aport-212PG: Programmable platform for device networks

The new programmable device server Artila Aport-212PG from Acceed is well-equipped for the special communication tasks within future device networks. The energy-saving ARM Cortex M3 processor is the motor of the Ethernet serial converter. Its special feature is the integrated operating system FreeRTOS which supports 34 architectures and various compilation environments. FreeRTOS is perfectly geared to embedded microcontrollers and has proved its worth as a professionally developed and robust system in industrial and commercial environments. Read more

ORing IGAR-2062: Industry LTE router with a high security level

In addition to its reliability, the industrial LTE router IGAR-2062+-4G from ORing convinces primarily with its combination of perfected security features. The router has two 10/100/1000TX base T connections as well as two SIM card slots. Its security functions include authentication according to IEE Standard 802.1x and RADIUS, MAC filter, SSID (Service Set Identifier) and WPA/WPA2. Read more

Adlink PXIe-3985: The fastest 3HE-PXI controller with a Haswell CPU

The new PXIe-3985 controller is available with immediate effect from the independent German distributor Acceed. Equipped with the Intel i7-4700EQ 2.4 GHz quad core processor and up to 16GB DDR3L working memory with 1600 MHz, this extremely high performance controller is suitable for the most demanding of tasks in multitasking environments with several simultaneous and independent measurement or testing tasks. Read more

RIO modules for Modbus/TCP for operation up to 70 °C

RIO stands for Remote Input/Output and describes a new series of digital and analogue I/O modules from Artila for Modbus operation. Read more

ZigBee sensors for the IoT

In the meantime, ZigBee has become established worldwide as an industrial standard for wireless device communication over short distances. Now, the German distributor acceed has increased its portfolio with a comprehensive range of new ZigBee devices from the manufacturer Nietzsche Enterprise. The new products include temperature and humidity sensors with integrated series STH-01ZB data loggers. Read more

Fanless and robust micro PC's for vehicles

The NUVO 3100VTC is a specialised embedded system which was specifically developed for operation in vehicles and has been certified. The compact fanless system can be adapted to the requirements of various different installation locations by configuring its CPU performance. The core i7-3610QE and the core i5-3610ME basic components from Intel are optionally available. Read more

Bluetooth communication in industrial networks

Unhindered, loss-free and secure data communication is the top priority in industrial networks. The core components for this communication are converters which convert the data precisely and loss-free between the various formats (analogue and digital) and protocols (Modbus TCP, RTU/ASCII), thus enabling transport over large distances from and to end devices and through different network architectures. The independent German distributor Acceed has extended its portfolio with a large number of new components for this application range. Read more

PXIe components for use in production

As opposed to under protected laboratory operation, PXI components must meet special requirements for the production surroundings. Stability, data security, long-term availability and speed are given top priority. The German distributor Acceed is specialised in PXI components for industrial applications. In particular, the devices from Adlink, from modular chassis via controllers up to A/D converters cover a wide range of possible applications at the same time. Read more

Digital I/O card with 32 channel data recording

The new PCIe 7360 digital I/O card is a high-speed board with 32 bidirectional I/O channels and a data rate of up to 400 MB/s. With its cycle rate of up to 100 MHz (internal) or 200 MHz (external), this card is ideal as an interface for recording large data quantities with a high processing speed. Its typical areas of application include industrial image processing, test applications or production monitoring. Read more

Faster power supply unit tests with PXIe

Quality control plays a decisive role when manufacturing power supply units. Power supply unit malfunctions can result in expensive subsequent damages or product recalls. Malfunctions for important parameters such as rise time, voltage stability or power-on delay are ideally recognised and resolved directly in the production process. Fast PXIe digitizers such as the PXIe 9848 card from acceed can provide valuable support as PXI system components. Read more

Micro PC for M2M communication

With its new M-5360-A, Acceed presents a further powerful module PC in credit card format. High processor power, a large on-board memory as well as a large number of interfaces allow the use of demanding multimedia and machine-to-machine applications. Read more

System-on-Module in credit card format

Artila presents a new board PC in credit card format. With high processor power, high-capacity on-board memory and low electricity consumption, the M-9G45-A is the optimum hardware for demanding embedded applications and multimedia applications. Read more

PoE switch series for -40 to +70 °C

Acceed presents a new switch series with PoE from ORing. The four models are highly suitable for end devices with high electricity requirements such as IP cameras for example. They offer up to eight 10/100Base T(X) connections and can be used at ambient temperatures from -40 to +70 °C. Read more

Slim Linux PC for the top-hat rail

Artila's PAC-4070 is a powerful Linux Box-PC for the top-hat rail. Specifically developed for automation, the PAC-4070 is geared to low electricity consumption, fast and cheap installation and round-the-clock availability. Read more

Box PC with an extremely efficient cooling system

The new fanless Nuvo-3000 series Box PCs are equipped with a i7/i5/i3 processor, up to 16 GB working memory and a large number of interfaces. The insulated hard drive tray which minimises the generation of heat, thus increasing the stability of the entire system, is a special highlight. As it uses the latest Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphic chip and has three monitor outputs, the Nuvo-3000 series is particularly suited for imaging applications such as machine vision and building surveillance. Read more

Touch panel PC as an automation interface

Acceed offers the 7-inch BSP-1070 touch panel PC specifically for the high precision and reliability requirements in building automation. With its ARM9 CPU, the broad temperature range from 0 to 60 °C in the fanless stainless steel casing and a voltage range from 12 to 40 V, this touch panel PC is predestined for applications in plant construction and in building automation. Read more

Matrix Box PC with double RAM power

The Matrix series industry PCs from Artila have proven their worth in industrial use thanks to their robustness, low energy consumption and compact construction. The series has now been extended with the Matrix-505. The new model offers two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, two USB 2.0 host connections as well as a microSD slot for memory cards up to 32 GB. Read more

Card trio for IEEE 488.2

IEEE 488.2 (also referred to as GPIB) is a bus standard for the connection of measurement and other peripheral devices to a computer and has transfer rates of up to 1.5 MB/s. As a result, for example, up to 15 parallel function tests, parameter tests and contact tests can be implemented during development and production. The simultaneous signal processing reduces time consumption and expenditure. The advantages of IEEE 488.2 are primarily its operationally reliable communication and error-tolerant receipt of signals. Read more

Modbus gateway ensures unhindered communication in networks

The communication between industrial devices in networks is often made difficult because to-date no uniform application protocol exists for industrial Ethernet. The Modbus protocol is used for exchanging process data securely and across networks. Modbus is an open protocol and has become established as the de-facto standard in industrial communication via Ethernet. The new Modbus Gateway Aport 212 from Artila uses this protocol, thus enabling the integration of automation components in the network architecture. It is available with immediate effect from Acceed. Read more

Conflict-free video monitoring with intelligent switches

IP-based monitoring systems are used primarily for traffic systems and building security. The most important major components are IP cameras, switches, servers and monitors. Complex systems can consist of several hundred IP cameras. In order for the network to function in a stable manner and efficiently, faultless internal communication must be given. Here, the core of a monitoring network is the switches. They act as distributors and transmit the video and audio signals as well as the meta data in a targeted manner. Read more

Industrial Box PC for control tasks

The new fanless Box computers from Artila for industrial applications have the name Matrix-516 and are available with immediate effect from the independent distributor acceed. The Matrix 516 is the latest development in the proven Matrix series and now offers eight isolated RS-485 interfaces. The devices already convince at first sight with robust metal casing and are particularly well-suited as controllers for demanding automation technology applications. Read more

Box PC with Ivy Bridge processor and PoE

The independent German distributor acceed introduces the new ECS-7800-PoE fanless Box PC. With a third generation quad core processor, up to 16 GB RAM, five monitor connections and a large number of interfaces, this embedded system offers a wide range of applicability: machine vision, video monitoring, visual quality control as well as imaging techniques for medical technology. Read more

Fanless box PCs for space-critical applications

The independent German distributor acceed introduces a new box PC series in postcard format. The POC-100 series presents itself as ideally suited for space-critical applications in industrial surroundings, in building automation or in security applications. Read more

PXI measurement technology as a modular system

Nominal speed reached? Video signal correct? Function tests require measurement technology which is often installed in specialist individual devices. Such standalone solutions require a large amount of space and are cost-intense. On the other hand, PXI (PCI eXtensions for instrumentation) enable the structure of modular, scaleable test systems. acceed offers current PXI components for individual solutions which are as easy to insert as a modular system. Read more

New PXI relay cards

Acceed extends its PXI portfolio with new relay cards from Adlink. The new PXI cards offer programmable switch functions for the structure of complex measurement and control systems. Read more

First industrial Box PC in the Ivy League

The independent German distributor acceed introduces the first PCs worldwide with an Ivy Bridge processor for industrial use with its new ECS-7000 series fanless Box Computers. With their 3rd generation quad core processors, up to 6 GB RAM, six GbE LAN connections, a large number of interfaces and optional extensions, these embedded controllers provide maximum performance within the smallest of spaces within the extended temperature range from -25 to +70 °C. Read more

i7 PCs with optimised cooling

The processing of image data is processor-intensive. Whether for video monitoring of traffic flow or imaging techniques for medical technology: processor power is demanded. However, powerful processors develop extreme temperatures when constantly burdened and these must be dissipated as fast and as efficiently as possible. The new ECS-5600 series Box PCs from acceed solve this task with optimised coolers. Moreover, they offer the required high processor power for image processing with the i7 processor. Read more

Preventive maintenance begins when recording the data

Cracks and breaks do not come as a surprise: preventive maintenance can avoid failure and stoppages. In order to achieve this, the most important functional elements of machines must be monitored permanently. Roller bearings are central components in rotary machines and therefore important elements for recording the status of the machine. Sound emission testing based on high-speed data recording serves to recognise damages to roller bearings early. Read more

Further developments of the Spanning Tree Protocol

The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) for computer networks is one practical application of the Spanning Tree Algorithm. The following developments of the STP rectify its weaknesses and solve specific problems. These include, for example, the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) and developments by the manufacturers ORing, RuggedCom, Moxa and Hirschmann. Read more

A perfect pair: board PC and touch screen

As comfortable man-to-machine interfaces, touch screens are used universally for building automation and industrial applications. However, special hardware is required for triggering touch screens. The single board computer M-506 from Artila meets these requirements despite its compact dimensions and is provided by acceed in a package with a 16:9 touch screen (7 inch / 18 cm). Read more

Compact Linux IPC for the top-hat rail

Artila's box computer PAC-4000 is a compact Linux-ready IPC based on ARM-9 for the assembly of top-hat rails. As an industrial computer platform specifically developed for automation and building management applications, the PAC-4000 is fully designed to meet success factors such as low electricity consumption, fast and cheap installation and round-the-clock availability. The sister model PAC-4010 extends its functional scope by respectively eight digital inputs and outputs. Read more

Weatherproof WLAN switchboard with X-roaming

Whether for Tablet PCs, barcode scanners or forklift terminals - mobile applications in industry require wireless networks, and these also outdoors. Adverse environmental influences prove to be a tough test for the network infrastructure here. The new Wireless-Access-Point IAP-W512 from ORing is designed for outdoor use and withstands dust, heat and water. Read more